Gazelle's Payment Processing Overview

How to accept online payments from customers.

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Processing payments through (the world's most popular online payments provider) and having the funds deposit into your account each day is easy!

NOTE: Using Stripe to process payments is optional (even after it is enabled). You can still process payments manually and choose to use Gazelle's Stripe online payment feature whenever it fits your needs.


Step 1: Connect your Stripe account to Gazelle. Click Here.
Step 2: Choose where your funds will be deposited.
Step 3: Invite your customers to easily pay their invoices online.


Are there fees?

There are no fees beyond the standard card processing fees managed through Everything (including PCI compliance, processing fees, and depositing funds into your account each day) will be managed through Stripe.

Does Gazelle support payments for international currencies?

Yes, all payments and fees will be processed in your local currency. We support all the countries and currencies Stripe supports. Click here for more info.

What kinds of cards and digital wallets can I accept?

You will be able to accept payment from any credit card, debit card, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and digital wallets like Apple Pay, and Android Pay, etc...

Can I accept bank draft payments from my customers?

Yes, the Gazelle-Stripe integration will give you the option of accepting bank drafts (which are popular because they have significantly lower processing fees), but some limitations may apply to your specific location outlined below:

European Union (SEPA) Payments

Gazelle supports SEPA payments; however you will need to enable this option in your Stripe account before you can select it as a payment option in Gazelle.

United States (ACH) Payments

ACH is an optional payment type you can enable which allows your customers to pay using direct debit from their bank account.

Canada (EFT) Payments

In Canada, only cards and digital wallets can be accepted at this time.

United Kingdom (BACS) Payments

Gazelle can support BACS payments but our UK customers said this form of payment wasn't something they use very often. We will evaluate putting it on our development roadmap if demand grows from our UK customers. Email to request this feature.

Australia (BECS) Payments

Stripe does not support BECS payments at this time. We will evaluate putting it on our development roadmap if Stripe adds this compatibility and if there is enough demand from our Australia customers.

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