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What Happens If A Previously Synced Invoices Is Updated?
What Happens If A Previously Synced Invoices Is Updated?

If I sync an invoice on X date, what happens if I later make changes to it in Gazelle?

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When you make changes to an invoice in Gazelle, our accounting integration will automatically push these changes to QuickBooks the next time you sync. You can also re-sync individual invoices at any time.

You can trigger any invoice to be re-synced by editing:

  • Customer information (name, address, etc...).

  • Alternate Billing (when assigning an invoice to a different person / customer)

  • Recording / editing a payment in Gazelle.

  • Adding a line items to an invoice.

  • Changing the price of any line item on the invoice.

  • Changing the taxes associated with an invoice.

Deleting, canceling, or archiving an invoice in Gazelle will not change the invoice in QuickBooks. For these actions you will need to follow QuickBooks recommendation for creating adjusting entries in your books to properly account for deleting, cancelling, or archiving transactions.




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