Changing a customer's contact information in Gazelle:
If a customer's information has changed in Gazelle the next time you sync with QuickBooks Gazelle will automatically update your QuickBooks customer information to reflect these changes (i.e. Customer Name, phone number, email address, address, etc...).

Changing the default billing contact in Gazelle:
QuickBooks does not have the concept of multiple contacts per customer record. If you change the Gazelle Billing contact from 'Contact A' to 'Contact B', the next time you create an invoice and sync with QuickBooks, Gazelle will create a new customer record in QuickBooks for this new billing contact.

Syncing changes when make changes to an 'Alternate Billing Contact' in Gazelle:

Additionally, if you use an 'Alternate Billing' contact in Gazelle: when Gazelle syncs to QuickBooks, a new QuickBooks customer for the 'Alternate Billing Contact' will be created and Gazelle will indicate in the QuickBooks Invoice Notes the details of the original Gazelle contact this invoice is linked back to in Gazelle as of the date this invoice was created. This invoice in Gazelle will only be cued for re-syncing if the "Alternate billing contact' information has changed.

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