Can I sync with QuickBooks Desktop, Self-Employed, or Enterprise Products? The short answer is 'No' (their rules not ours 😒). QuickBooks's parent company Intuit does not allow API access for cloud-based products like Gazelle to build 3rd party integrations to their offline product 'QuickBooks Desktop'. Additionally, their online product 'QuickBooks Self-Employed' does not support API integrations and their online hosted 'QuickBooks Enterprise' products use a different API than QuickBooks Online. This means Gazelle's QuickBooks Online integration will not work with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Self-Employed, and QuickBooks Enterprise products.

What QuickBooks products DO sync with Gazelle?

  • QuickBooks Online Simple Start

  • QuickBooks Online Essentials

  • QuickBooks Online Plus

  • QuickBooks Online Advanced

What QuickBooks products DO NOT sync with Gazelle?

IMPORTANT NOTE: When migrating from QuickBooks Self-Employed to any of the QuickBooks Online family of products, Intuit does not make this transition easy 😒. It will probably be easier to close out your books in QuickBooks Self-Employed, transfer the account balances to QuickBooks Online, and do a fresh clean start in QuickBooks online. Consult your accountant to understand any impact a mid year (or mid month) switch will have for your tax reporting this calendar year.

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