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Resolving Common Stripe Verification Issues

How to resolve an issue that arrises when Stripe reports your account is verified but does not update Gazelle.

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As soon as Stripe verifies your account on their side, your Gazelle account should immediately update to reflect the same information. However, a common issue can occur when when first connecting a Stripe Account to Gazelle if the Account ID Stripe first reports to Gazelle isn't the same Stripe ID assigned to your account after you are done setting everything up. This results in a unique verification issue that is easy to solve.

Step 1: Compare your Stripe Account ID to the Stripe ID shown in your Gazelle settings to see if they are different.
Step 2: (If they don't match) Disconnect and reconnect Gazelle from Stripe.
Step 3: Verify the Stripe ID in Gazelle now matches the Stripe ID on your Stripe account.

NOTE: If this happens you did not do anything wrong. It is a common question we receive and is an issue within Stripe not Gazelle.


Go to Settings > Payment Processing > Locate your Stripe ID in the footer of the page.


Go to Settings > Payment Processing > Scroll to the bottom of the page and long-press on the Stripe ID if you need to copy it to your clipboard to view the entire ID.

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