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PianoScope | The Tuning App For Developing Better Aural Skills
PianoScope | The Tuning App For Developing Better Aural Skills

Learn how to improve both your aural tuning skills and your ETD skills with PianoScope.

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One of the best ways you can grow your business is to grow your confidence in fine tuning, aural tuning, and voicing. In fact, the best technicians we know don’t become complacent with only the tools and skills they have today. Instead they refine a broad range of skills and learn to use the right tool for each job.

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PianoScope | See your client's piano like never before.

(Recorded August, 2022)

Most piano technicians go through life fighting inharmonicity and imagining what is going on behind the spinning lights of their ETD. But you never get to see in real time the full acoustic potential of each note as it relates to the rest of the piano and you shouldn’t have to settle for guesswork!

PianoScope is a new tuning app that is much more than just a tuning app. Whether you are wanting to improve your fine tuning skills, you desire to learn better aural tuning skills, or you are looking for ways to improve the voicing of an instrument; PianoScope has a full range of features and tons of advanced options that you will want have at your fingertips on the next piano you service as you visualize each piano like never before!

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