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Add a 'wait list' option to your Gazelle scheduling workflows.
Add a 'wait list' option to your Gazelle scheduling workflows.

How do I create a waiting list for clients who are scheduling?

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If your schedule is packed (especially during your busy season) we recommend creating a waiting list to help relieve the stress of scheduling during the busy season. Follow these steps:

Step 1:
Add a note to your self-scheduling system.

Step 2:
Add group of self-schedulable items called "Waitlist"
to your master service. (See image below).

Step 3:
Create custom templates for phone call prompts that you can use each time a client requests to be added to your waitlist.

Step 4:
Use the 'Call Center' to manage any clients on your 'waitlist'.


Step 1: Tap on a client record.

Step 2: Tap the 'Contact' action button.

Step 3: Select 'Schedule a message or call'

Step 4: Tap 'Phone' & select your 'Waitlist' message template.

Step 5: (From Web App) Go to your call center > scheduled calls to manage everyone on your waitlist. We are still working on getting the call center in the mobile app.

Step 6: Done.

NOTE: Assigning a preexisting template as a custom message is possible from the mobile app. However, creating a new custom message template must be done from the web app.

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