Layers Of Redundancy And Data Recovery

How does Gazelle deal with data back-up and recovery?

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Gazelle operates 5 layers of automated redundancy to protect against data loss and we regularly test our backups to make sure they're in working condition.

  • All changes to your data are instantly saved to multiple primary servers at level 5 data centers in the US.

  • Hourly automated backups are saved and securely stored in different locations in the US.

  • Daily backups are encrypted and shipped to Sydney, Australia to hedge against something happens to our primary + standby servers in the US.

  • Daily we also take backups and ship them to a second cloud provider in the US to hedge against our primary cloud provider going offline.

  • All data is fully encrypted both over the wire and when it is written on the disks. Further, every write operation to disk is checksummed to ensure data consistency.

Manual Data Backup

Gazelle's terms of service state that you legally have the right to export any data you store in our system at any time. To do this click here to export a copy of all your data.

If you have specific questions feel free to ask our administrators at 

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