Gazelle operates 5 layers of automated redundancy to protect against data loss. In addition to our primary database server, your data is actively backed up to 5 different places:

  1. A live standby database server that will automatically be used should the primary server ever become unavailable. This standby server is in a completely separate and secure facility to negate risks of fire, power interruptions, etc...

  2. Each change you make to the database is immediately backed up; and if the standby server becomes the primary server automated processes are used to to bring another server online to be the new 'standby server' (so we always have a primary + standby servers available).

  3. Full backups are run hourly and shipped to a different secure facility 3000 miles away from our primary server & standby server facilities.

  4. Once a day backups are shipped to Sydney, Australia in case something happens to all of our USA facilities and backups.

  5. Once a day backups are shipped to another cloud provider in case something should happen to our primary cloud provider.

All data is fully encrypted both over the wire and when it is written on the disks. Additionally, all backups are encrypted when the backup is taken. Further, every write operation to disk is checksummed to ensure data consistency.

We regularly test our backups to make sure they're in working condition.

Manual Data Backup

Part of Gazelle's terms of service ensures that you legally have the right to export any data you store in our system at any time. We enable you to export your data with the click of a button in the settings tab. 

If you have specific questions feel free to ask our administrators at 

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