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Importing Calendar And Event Data
Importing Events From Your Google Calendar.
Importing Events From Your Google Calendar.

Instructions on how to export your Google Calendar to an .iCAL file that we can import into Gazelle.

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Exporting your .ics calendar data from Google Calendar is easy!

Step 1: Watch this video below.
Step 2: Save the .ics file to your desktop.

Step 3: Upload this file to Gazelle.


To export from Google Calendar, load up your calendar from the Google Calendar website.  Then click on the small arrow next to "My Calendars", and click on "Settings."

That will take you to a page that lets you configure all your calendars.  Look for the "Import & Export" option.

Unfortunately, Google does not allow you to only export a single calendar so you may need to remove events on calendars you don't want imported (or tell our team which calendars you want to import).

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