Importing Data From PianoCal

How do I import my customers, pianos, and service history from PianoCal?

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Gazelle has a seamless import process for your PianoCal data. However, PianoCal does not have a robust export feature (NOTE: PianoCal does allow you to 'export' your data but there are bugs in their exporter that prevent all your data from being exported). Our team has built a special export/import process for PianoCal to fully extract all your data so you can start fresh in Gazelle. However, this process has multiple steps to ensure a clean transition.

Step 1: Pick a date to schedule your PianoCal export with our team.

Step 2: Prior to your PianoCal export, temporarily change your PianoCal password.

Step 3: Give Gazelle access to your PianoCal username & temporary password.

Step 4: Gazelle will extract 100% of your PianoCal data and format everything for a smooth import into Gazelle (this might take a few hours or a few days).

(our team will notify you when we are ready to take the next step)


Step 5: Pick a day to be your "last day entering new data into PianoCal".

Step 6: On the date of your transition Gazelle will update your PianoCal export to extract any new data you have entered into PianoCal over the last few days (this will be the final export).

Step 7: Our team will import your data into Gazelle. This takes very little time and your data will come into Gazelle properly formatted and ready to use.

Step 8: When you are ready finish setting up your Gazelle account, enable reminders, and enable scheduling.

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