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Importing Clients From Paper Records

What is the easiest way to import paper records?

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Transferring paper records doesn't have to be time-consuming. At Gazelle this process is easier than you might think! Watch this video!

1. Let your client's input their own data

The easiest way is to set up online scheduling and change your voicemail, website, and email to suggest clients start scheduling online. Clients will input their own data and you can fill in any missing piano info the next time you visit.

2. Hire students who type like the wind

Hire students who type like the wind. It usually only takes them 30-50 client cards for them to decipher your handwriting and shorthand notes. At first, this goes slow but once they crack the code they will make quick work of everything. If you have thousands of client cards hire 10 high schoolers or college students and give each person 200 cards. You will have everything transcribed within a matter of days.

3. Ask for a 3rd Party Transcription Service

The team at Gazelle can hire a 3rd party transcription service for you but there are some set-up costs associated that we pass on to you. This approach usually makes sense if you have more than 10,000 client records to transcribe. If you're interested in this service, contact our team at to get started.

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