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Importing Calendar And Event Data
Importing Your Events From Your Outlook Calendar
Importing Your Events From Your Outlook Calendar

Instructions on extracting your calendar from Outlook and importing it into Gazelle

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Exporting your Outlook (Desktop) Calendar is easy!

Step 1: Open Outlook on your desktop
Step 2: Select the calendar you want to export.
Step 3: Click File > Save Calendar
Step 4: Name your iCal file.
Step 5: Optional: Click "More Options" to specify a date range

Step 6: Optional: Click "Detail" to choose the amount of detail you want to show.
Step 7: Save

NOTE: Depending on the size of your calendar, this may take several seconds, or a even a few minutes to run.  Please be patient while it generates the files. Upload this iCal file and we'll get busy importing all your past and future appointments into Gazelle.

For more info visit this online resource to transfer your Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar and then your Google Calendar to Gazelle. Both approaches work.

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