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How do I create a map of all my clients?
How do I create a map of all my clients?

Create a map of your clients to help you visualize your data in different ways.

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Creating a map of all your clients is easy!



Step 1: Go to your Gazelle account Settings > Export > Download clients.

Step 3: Go to and log into your Google account.

Step 4: (In Google) Click on 'Create a New Map'

Step 5: (In Google) Add a layer and click 'Import'

Step 6: (In Google) Upload your Gazelle 'Clients' from Step 1.

Step 7: (In Google) Select the columns named and click 'Continue'

  • Default contact: Address line 1,

  • Default contact: Address line 2

  • Default contact: City

  • Default contact: State

  • Default contact: Zip

Step 8: Select a column to name each pin on the map. We suggest 'Default Contact Last Name' but you can use any field available in your spreadsheet.

Step 9: Click 'Finish' and an interactive map of your clients will appear.


NOTE: Have fun exploring creative ways to layer your data. Export your Gazelle invoice data to study revenue by client, export your Gazelle pianos data to study pianos currently due for service, etc. Almost all of Gazelle's data exports can be layered on a map using these steps.

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