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How Do I Edit Service Area(s)
Managing service area(s) in multiple time zones.
Managing service area(s) in multiple time zones.

How to manage service area(s) that cross multiple time zones.

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Managing Gazelle service area(s) for a user in multiple time zones is possible but requires a few extra steps:.

Every technician is assigned a timezone for the events on their calendar. If you have a technician who spans multiple timezones, AND IF you want clients to be offered appointment slots IN THEIR TIMEZONE, then you need to create an extra technician user for each timezone they service.

​Then after creating a second user, you can go to Settings > Scheduling > Select each user to edit their individual availability, service areas, and scheduling preferences inside their respective user / timezone. This will cause Gazelle to display appointment slots to clients in their respective time zone

You can also connect both user calendars inside Gazelle using a Gazelle-to-Gazelle calendar integration so all their calendars talk to each other.

Optionally: you can have one user with a service that spans a timezone boarder region on a map, however this will result in clients only seeing appointment slots in the user's timezone. This might not be an issue if users live in a city that boarders a timezone, however, this is not recommended for other more common situations (like when a technician cultivates a clientele by traveling to a different timezone.

At the end of the day, timezones are complicated, but Gazelle should handle all the scheduling scenarios you need. If you have questions email our team for assistance

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