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How Do I Edit Availability Rules
How do I layer availability rule sets to be ‘Inclusive’ or ‘Exclusive’ and what does this mean?
How do I layer availability rule sets to be ‘Inclusive’ or ‘Exclusive’ and what does this mean?

Understanding 'Inclusive' vs. 'Exclusive' availability rule sets and how to layer them for efficient scheduling.

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Layering availability rule sets to be 'Inclusive' or 'Exclusive' for each of your technicians is easy!


Step 1: Go to Settings > Scheduling > Select a technician > Select 'Availability'.

Step 2: Create a new availability or select and existing one to edit.

Step 3: Under 'How should Gazelle prioritize this set of rules if it overlaps with another availability?' select 'Inclusive' or 'Exclusive'.

Step 4: Save & done!

NOTE: Inclusive means this availability will be included alongside other availabilities assigned to the same service area IF they have overlapping date ranges. Exclusive means this availability will be 'Exclusively' offered even if other availabilities happen to have overlapping date ranges within a specific service area. A good example of an 'Exclusive' service area is when you want to add a temporary 'Summer Time' scheduling rule that overrides all others within a specific date range. You can only have one 'Exclusive' availability at a time assigned to a specific service area. However, if you have multiple service areas you can have up to one 'Exclusive' availability assigned to each service area at a time. You can also visualize your availability using the 'Visualize Availability' button.


This setting can only be changed by logging into the Web App at this time.

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