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How do I include ICS attachments for new appointment emails?
How do I include ICS attachments for new appointment emails?

Adding an .ICS file attachment to new Gazelle appointment emails.

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Including an ICS file attachment when you first add an appointment to the calendar is easy! This will make it easy for clients to click / tap to 'Add this to their calendar'.



Step 1: Go to Settings > Company Profile > Company Preferences

Step 2: Select the option "When sending new appointment emails, include an ICS attachment in the 'Appointment added to calendar one-off' email message..."
​Step 3: (Optional) Resend this email any time the appointment details have been changed so a new ICS file will be sent to the customer.

Step 4: Save & done.

NOTE: Sending ICS files create an independent instance of this event on your client's personal calendar that Gazelle has no control over. This should not be a problem until you reschedule the event and the client forgets to delete the old event from their calendar. This can result in their personal calendar reminding them you are coming on a specific date/time that has since been removed from your calendar. If you use this function, remind clients who reschedule to remove the old event from their calendar.


This setting can only be changed by logging into the Web App at this time.


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