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Managing availability with multiple travel modes.
Managing availability with multiple travel modes.

How to manage a user's availability who uses multiple modes of travel.

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If you use multiple travel modes (i.e. Cycling, Driving, or Transit) and you are trying to plan your schedule we recommend the following:

First approach (recommended)

Try to pre-plan your travel days to use only one mode of transportation. This is the easiest thing to do as shown in the example below where we plan to cycle every Tuesday and Thursday. Your other availabilities with different travel modes can be scheduled for the other days of the week.

However, we also understand this first approach isn't always practical especially if you want your first appointment of the day to dictate the travel mode used for subsequent appointments.

Second approach

Configure your availability so days have multiple availabilities each tied to a service area with a different travel mode. One for each mode of travel you support. Once an appointment is scheduled for that day, delete the availabilities that use a different mode of travel, leaving only the availability with the mode of travel you want to use for subsequent appointments scheduled on that day.

Right now removing availabilities from specific days is a manual step. However, if you would like to see this feature automated email We will add your name to the list of users asking for this feature.

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