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Using tags on client, piano, invoice, and estimate records in Gazelle

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Tags are keywords or labels that you can assign to your records to categorize and organize them, making it easier to search and filter through your data. Examples of tags can be:

  • VIP Customers.

  • Customers interested in buying a piano, selling their piano, or upgrading their piano.

  • Customers who live along a certain route you travel infrequently.

  • Pianos that have irregular service schedules (i.e. every April, November, and February).

  • CAUT: Practice Room Pianos, Faculty Pianos, and Concert Instruments.

  • Estimates that you want to follow up on.

  • Invoices that need attention.

  • Etc...

There are a lot of ways you might want to segment and sort your data. Tags are a great way to do this. Once a tag is added to a record you can sort/filter by tags when you filter your data. To manage your tags in Gazelle simply go to a record and click the 'Add Tag" in the header or select the action button 'More > Add Tags'

This is a list of all existing tags. You can rename tags to merge them together or delete tags that are no longer needed across all your records.

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