Once you finish an appointment, it is important to "complete" the appointment in Gazelle. Think of this as "clocking out" at the end of your day (or the end of your appointment). Completing past appointments helps Gazelle keep accurate records and helps save you time recording notes, service histories, and updating the piano's date of last service.  

Finding Uncompleted Appointments

You can see all uncompleted appointments from your Gazelle "Dashboard" or by finding the events on your calendar. 

Steps to Complete an Appointment

If you click on an uncompleted appointments you will see an orange "Complete this Appointment" button at the top of the edit window. 

After clicking the "Complete" button, you will have a few easy steps:

  1. Choose the result of the appointment
  2. Choose if you would like a message to be sent. This could be a message you compose or a saved template like a thank you message, review request, or scheduling link for no-show appointments, etc...
  3. Create an invoice for today's visit  (optional)
  4. Add any relevant notes you would like recorded on the client timeline or piano service history. 
  5. Hit "Complete" and Gazelle will automatically update everything including the piano's date of last tuning (if this appointment was indeed a tuning appointment.
  6. Choose to either pre-schedule their next appointment or do nothing and let the LifeCycle reminders track when they will need their piano serviced again.
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