Traditional Vacation

For traditional vacations (I.E. You desire to be completely unavailable for a period of time) all you need to do is schedule a multi-day personal event on your calendar. This will ensure no-one interrupts your rest & relaxation. 

Working Vacation

Many piano technicians maintain small groups of clients in areas the frequently vacation. If you will be scheduling a working vacation then adding a customized service area & rule set to your Scheduling Policies.

Why would I want to be available for booking during my vacation?

Take for example the scenario of Hawaii. Let's say that you visit Hawaii for 6 weeks of summer vacation every year; however, you also have a small contingency of customers you service while you are on the island. This helps for tax purposes because you intend to write off part of the trip as a "Business Expense", but remember you are in Hawaii! so you will create a special scheduling rule so you have time set aside for true vacation-esque experiences. 

Happy Vacationing - Stay Safe and enjoy your time off!

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