Each person in your company that uses Gazelle should have their own login with the correct permissions set.

To add a user account, go to Settings in the top right corner.  On the left side of that page you'll see a list of all your users.  Click "New User" to add a new one.

Now fill out the details for the user.  The email address is what they will use to login to Gazelle.  Once you save this form, an email will be sent to inform them that an account was created and with instructions on how to set a password.

There are three types of Access Levels:

  • Admin - This access level has full access to everything in Gazelle, including billing, settings, scheduling, all other users, etc.
  • Technician - This access level is limited.  The user can be scheduled for appointments, but can only see clients where they are the preferred technician, or where no preferred technician has been configured.  They will also only have limited access to phone and email contact information. 
  • Assistant - This access level is nearly the same as admin, but some settings are restricted, and the user cannot be scheduled for appointments.  This is intended to be used for office staff who help with customer support and scheduling.
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