Creating estimates shouldn't take long; especially when you use checklists to save time. A checklist is a custom sorted copy of your service items that make it easy to quickly add services (and groups of services) to an estimate. 

Using checklists is easy: 

  1. Custom sort your services in a checklist.
  2. Tap the services that apply.
  3. Quickly build estimates that sell.

You should be able to build the majority fo your estimates using two checklists: "Field Service Checklist" and "Rebuilding Checklist". While these two checklists should cover 95% of your estimates, you may want to further segment your checklists in the following ways:

  • Field Service Checklist
  • Rebuilding Checklist
  • Grand Piano Checklist
  • Vertical Piano Checklist
  • Spinet Piano Checklists
  • Institutional Piano Checklist

The point of the checklist is to customize your service items (and group names) to fit the needs of a specific group of customers. Just remember "Confuse, You Lose" and this applies to you as much as your clients. You want to have a few broad categories of checklists that apply to most situations. You don't want to have so many checklists that you can never remember which one to use, or have checklists that overlapping services.

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