A client's record and the "Messages" tab are two places you can check the delivery status of messages sent through Gazelle. This includes automatic reminder emails, invoices, estimates, and text messages. To understand what the different email delivery statuses mean, read the article HERE

Viewing All Emails and Text Messages

To view every messages sent by Gazelle, click the "Messages" tab. Under the "Emails" and "Text Messages" tab you can: 

  1. Sort by sent date "Sent At" or sort by "Subject"
  2. Search for specific clients or criteria in the search bar
  3. Sort by email type: reminders, invoices. or condition reports.
  4. View the delivery status of each message

Viewing Messages Within the Client Record

Within each client record, you can view every email and text message sent to them under their timeline. Scroll to the bottom of the record until you reach the timeline in the left column 

The timeline will automatically show you all the activity with that client, however, you can select the email tag to only show emails and text messages sent. You can read more about the timeline feature HERE

That's it! Now you won't be left wondering what's happening with emails Gazelle sends out.

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