What is the Confirmation Window?

The confirmation window is the amount of time before an appointment that you want Gazelle to start asking clients to please confirm their appointment. 

What is the Critical Confirmation Window?

The critical confirmation window is an optional setting that will more urgently ask clients to please confirm their appointment if they do not respond during the first part of the "confirmation window"

How do I edit my Confirmation Window Settings?

Please read this entire article, including the 3 "Important Notes" at the bottom. 


*The confirmation window settings are a part of our LifeCycle reminders. Each LifeCycle has its own unique rules surrounding the confirmation window.  This enables you to treat some groups of clients differently than others. For instance, if you have 24/7 access to all the churches you service you might want to put these clients on a special LifeCycle that does not have a confirmation window enabled.

Important Note #1: Regarding the Critical Confirmation Window

The confirmation window should ALWAYS be larger than the critical confirmation window. 

If you are going to use a Critical Confirmation Window we recommend making sure your clients have enough time to respond to the "Please Confirm" emails before sending them into the "Critical" window. (IE - Confirmation Window = 14 days, then your Critical Confirmation Window = 5 days)

Important Note #2: Regarding auto-deleting unconfirmed appointments

If you "auto-delete" unconfirmed appointments you want to make sure that your confirmation and critical confirmation messages clearly state that unconfirmed appointments will be deleted X days of the appointment. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary confusion. This feature is turned off by default so you must "opt-in" to turn it on. 

Auto-Deleting appointments are really effective for technicians who have super full schedules and waiting lists of clients. 

Important Note #3: Regarding auto-confirming appointments

We strongly recommend selecting the option to "Auto-Confirm" appointments that are scheduled within the confirmation window(s). At a minimum, we would recommend "auto-Confirming" appointments scheduled within the Critical Confirmation window. 

If you do not auto-confirm appointments then last minute appointments added to your calendar will immediately receive either a "Confirmation" or "Critical Confirmation" email asking the client to please confirm their appointment. This is liekly overkill since this is the appointment is scheduled on short notice and since this is the first time the client will have been asked to confirm anything. 

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