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Gazelle Quick Start Guide
Gazelle Quick Start Guide

How do I import data and get started using my account?

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Welcome to Gazelle! It is really easy to get started:

Step 1: Watch our "Quick Start Video" (5 minutes).
Step 2: Import Your Data

Step 3: Visit to easily customize your account.
Step 4: Save time, wow your customers, and grow a better business!


How do I customize my account?

Everything in Gazelle is customizable to your business. View to easily customize your account.

What kind of data do I need for my free import?

We can import client, piano, and calendar data from any program. Click here for more info. Just send us what you have (Calendar & Client Records) and we will format everything to give you a clean transition. If we have any questions, we will collaborate with you to make the transition easy.

Can Gazelle handle companies with multiple service technicians?

Yes, you can add as many technician users to your Gazelle subscription as you need. Easily scale up your team to manage employees and subcontract independent technicians.

How do I set up automated reminders?

Setting up your automated reminders in Gazelle is easy! Watch this video

How do I set up online scheduling?

Setting up your automated scheduling in Gazelle is easy! Watch this video

How does Gazelle integrate with my website and online profiles?

Gazelle makes it easy to integrate 'Book Now' buttons into your website, emails, text messages (and anywhere else you have an online presence). Click here for "Easy Website Integrations"

Where do I go if I need help?

Gazelle has a help center and a live chat feature where you can ask our team for help answering any question.

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