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How To Enable Text / SMS Reminders
How Much Does Sending SMS Reminders Cost With Gazelle?
How Much Does Sending SMS Reminders Cost With Gazelle?

Carrier fees associated with enabling SMS reminders on my Gazelle account.

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Enabling text / sms reminders is easy!

NOTE: The mobile phone carriers charge Gazelle fees for sending SMS over their networks. Our SMS fees help defray the costs we incur to send SMS messages on behalf of your business.

Gazelle's SMS "Add-on fee" per Month

Australia - $10 USD/mo

Belgium - $15 USD/mo
Canada - $5 USD/mo

Iceland - $5 USD/mo

Ireland - $5 USD/mo

Netherlands - $10 USD/mo
South Africa - $10 USD/mo

United Kingdom / Northern Ireland - $5 USD/mo

United States - $5 USD/mo

*Gazelle can support texting in additional countries if we comply with local telecommunication regulations. If you don't see your country on the list, ask us to enable it -

What happens if a local phone number is not available

In some countries a local phone number is not available or costs more than texting from a toll-free number. If Gazelle cannot provide you with a local number we will attempt to provide you with a toll-free number.

New countries are being added by our SMS providers all the time so if your country is not supported by our providers just ask and we can check their progress in your country. In some cases we also have the option of purchasing a (US +1) toll-free number for you to use and paying the international SMS rates for your country code.

However this has two downsides:

  1. Your customers might not appreciate receiving texts from an international toll-free number

  2. It usually costs Gazelle significantly more per message, and these costs get passed onto you.

We are committed to providing you SMS automation and doing everything we can to make it affordable. Please contact us if you have questions.

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