How Do I Resolve Invalid Addresses?

Resolving invalid addresses and mapping issues.

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If you have a difficult address that Gazelle's mapping providers cannot locate, we have a few options you can consider to find routes and get better results (If this is a customer self-scheduling issue skip to option 3).

Option 1: Manually input the address

Sometimes Gazelle cannot locate an address (but the address is a valid address). This is rare, but when this happens you can manually input the address while booking the appointment.

Option 2: Enter an alternative 'Street Address'

From the customer file change the troublesome (real) address to be the "Mailing Address" and enter an alternative "Street Address" as a real address that gets you close to their house. Then put a note in the customer preferences with driving directions from this point.

Option 3: Use Latitude & Longitude (and relax your address validation rules).

If you have existing customers already in the system you can allow them to schedule using their GPS Coordinates by Relaxing your address validation rules AND following the steps in this article: Scheduling with GPS Latitude & Longitude coordinates.

Option 4: Request a different mapping provider.

Behind the scenes Gazelle is integrated with multiple mapping providers. If you have tried everything else and you still have too many addresses not being found, a different mapping provider might yield better results. To switch providers email our team ( an example of:

  • 5 addresses you are having trouble with.

  • 5 addresses that work just fine.

We will us the info to examine whether any of our alternative mapping providers have better overall address data in your area. If so, our team can switch the mapping provider used for scheduling and routing of your customers.

Can I integrate with any local mapping providers?
The short answer is maybe (Not all mapping providers allow API integrations or have the necessary documentation to support 3rd party integrations). Gazelle has a list of authorized mapping providers with APIs that we use. If you want to request Gazelle add a mapping provider send us the information for the local provider that has the best mapping data in your area and our team will investigate the cost and possibility of adding this service provider to our list.

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