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How Do I Universally Pause All Reminders?
How Do I Universally Pause All Reminders?

Pausing all reminders from your Gazelle account.

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Universally pausing all customers is easy!

Step 1: Email the Gazelle Team at

Step 2: Read this article when you are ready to end your universal pause.

Step 3: Done.

Universally Pause All Reminders

In extreme situations you have the option to universally pause all reminders until a certain date.  

We do not usually recommend this course of action because: 

  • It does not let Gazelle fill your future calendar while you are away

  • It causes customers to miss important reminder messages 

  • It creates extra work for you when you return.   

But it can be useful in some situations:

  • Health Crisis

  • Extended Travel Abroad

  • Moving / Relocating

  • Personal Injury & Recovery

How do I turn on/off a universal pause?

Email and let us know how long you want to pause your reminders. This feature can only be enabled/disabled via a written request from you to our staff.

Will my clients receive any automatic reminder messages while my account is paused?

No, all automated reminder messages are stopped from going out. 

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