Gazelle reminders are designed to serve the drip marketing needs of piano service companies, not mass marketing (or newsletters).

Drip marketing and mass marketing strategies often conflict with each other so it is important to understand how to use Gazelle's reminder feature.

What is 'drip marketing' vs. 'mass marketing'?

Drip marketing is an automated message system that sends pre-written scheduled messages to leads & customers over time. Mass marketing blasts everyone today, with different criteria and different objectives.

What kind of mass marketing workarounds does Gazelle provide?

We do have workarounds for mass messaging everyone through Gazelle. But because we are a 'Drip System' our workarounds come with limitations.

The only time we recommend using Gazelle as a mass marketing service is when you first start using our system and need an integrated way to invite your clients to start scheduling online.

What if I need to send a mass message to everyone? 

In general we recommend using MailChimp or other similar products because they are designed to meet all your mass marketing needs. MailChimp even has free accounts if you have less than 2000 customers. 

Can I message all my customers who are due for service, coming due for service, or currently scheduled for service? 

Yes, this is what Gazelle's drip marketing system is designed to do. Use our Reminders to manage your 'due for service' & appointment reminders.

Can I mass email all my customers through Gazelle?

Yes, but once you turn on your 'Drip Marketing System' you can only do this *if* your clients are all assigned to a Reminder, *if* you only want to send a message to prospect, new, active or inactive clients, *if* you only want to message the clients on a specific Reminders, and *if* the prospect, new, active or inactive client state isn't already being used as part of your overall Reminder 'Drip Marketing' system.

Considering that we are a 'drip system' and our reminder feature is designed to meet the messaging needs of a drip strategy (not for mass marketing), we are probably not the tool you want to use to mass message all your clients. 

Can I create a workaround where I set up my 'drip marketing campaign' to act like a 'mass email system'?

Technically yes, but this is difficult to do, provides unreliable results, and is overall not recommended. Using MailChimp will save you time, provide better results, and has a greater chance of meeting your needs. This is why we recommend using MailChimp.

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