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How Do I Subcontract Outside Help
Becoming A Subcontractor For Another Company.
Becoming A Subcontractor For Another Company.

How do I subcontract my services out to other companies using Gazelle

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With Gazelle, it easier than ever to subcontract your services out to other piano service companies, piano stores, piano movers, or even as temporary help for a local technicians during their busy season.

Step 1: Identify the services you have to offer.

Step 2: Create a subcontracting agreement with an outside company.

Step 3: Have the administrator of the subcontracting company read this article and add you as a user on their account.
Step 4: Connect calendars so their staff knows your availability; and so events added to their calendar show up on your Gazelle calendar.

Step 5: Easily fill holes in your calendar with subcontracted events.
Step 6: Grow your business like never before.

(NOTE: If you are looking hire a subcontractor in your business read this article)


Will events added to one calendar show up on another?

Yes, events added to either calendar will show up on the other calendar once you connect your calendar(s) and enable sharing.

Will I control when I am available?

Yes, all you have to do is connect your calendar(s) and then add your events to your calendar (and their events to their calendar).

Is there a lag time for calendar synchronization?

No, there is not a lag time if both companies are using Gazelle (changes to either calendar will update immediately). However, if you are sharing your calendar with an outside 3rd party calendar app, there might be a lag time controlled by that calendar's settings.

Is there an extra charge for being a subcontractor?

No, there is not an extra charge for you to provide your services as a subcontractor. However, the company hiring you will need to add you as user on their Gazelle account. This will require them to add another $40 / month paid user to their subscription.

NOTE: Depending on your subcontracting agreement you might (or might not) need to cover these fees, but that is an agreement between you and the company you are subcontracting with (not between you and Gazelle).

Can I subcontract with a company using Gazelle if I don't use Gazelle for my customers?

Yes, the company hiring you will need to add you as a subcontractor under their account. As soon as they do this you will be able to connect an outside calendar and easily block off when you are (and are not) available for scheduling with this company. Events added to either calendar will display on both calendars.

Can I hide the details of my private customers that are synced via my calendar with the subcontracting company?

Yes, you will be able to hide the details of your private customers and only display the time as 'Busy'. Gazelle will use the location of your synced events for scheduling purposes but will not display the details of the event to their staff. Click Here for more information.

Can I remove my availability as a subcontractor at any time?

Yes, all you need to do is log into your Gazelle account with the subcontracting company, delete your scheduling availability, and then disconnect any synced calendars. The changes will be immediate. You will also want to notify the administrator of the company so they can deactivate your account and move any future events with their customers over to another technician.

Can I subcontract with companies if I provide service in a different timezone?

Yes, if you are subcontracting with a nationwide service provider you can easily be scheduled in the timezone of your choice. Click here for more information.

Can I temporarily remove availability as a subcontractor during my busy season?

Yes, You maintain full control over when you are (and are not) available for scheduling.

Can I hire subcontractors (e.g. piano movers or finish experts)? while also being a subcontracted technician?

Yes, check out this article. If you have a professional level Gazelle subscription you can easily create a circular agreement with a piano mover or finish expert where you book their services for your customers using them as a subcontractor; and in return they book your services for their customers using you as a subcontracted piano technician.

Can I subcontract with an experienced technician and offer to take care of all their low quality pianos?

Yes, check out this article. If you are looking to gain experience offering to subcontract with all the local technicians in your area by doing all of their spinet and old uprights; this is a great way to quickly gain some experience and grow your business.

Can I subcontract experienced technicians (or specialty providers) to expand my service offerings (action regulation, voicing, finish repair, etc...)?

Can I provide limited services a company as a subcontractor?

Yes, they will need to edit the items in their Master Service List to limit the services you (and other users) can provide. Read this article.

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