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How Do I Make Customer Self-Scheduling Easier?
How Do I Make Customer Self-Scheduling Easier?

Preload existing customers contact & piano details while they are self-scheduling.

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Gazelle gives you the option of inviting existing clients to self-schedule through a Private Scheduling Link merge code embedded in each message OR using a'Public Scheduling Link' / 'Book Now' buttons on your website that allow anyone to schedule an appointment (including new customers).
When you send existing clients a message through Gazelle using the embedded 'scheduling_link' merge code Gazelle will automatically pre-load their contact & piano information into the self-scheduler. We call this the client's 'Private Scheduling Link'.

How do I insert the scheduling link into my Gazelle messages?

Every time you edit a message template you have the option of adding "Merge Codes" into the body of your email. Gazelle will turn these merge codes into scheduling buttons when it sends the email. For scheduling, you have the option of a Schedule and/or Reschedule merge code to choose from:

What do my Gazelle messages look like?

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