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How To Edit Your Reminders
How Do I Edit My Appointment Confirmation Rules?
How Do I Edit My Appointment Confirmation Rules?

Editing your appointment confirmation windows inside a specific reminder.

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Editing your appointment confirmation rules is easy!


Step 1: Go to Settings > Reminders

Step 2: Click on the Reminder you want to edit.

Step 3: Click on 'Configuration'

Step 4: Select 'Require appointment confirmation' > edit your settings, > save.

Step 5: Done!

Time Saving Tip: Regarding auto-confirming appointments

We recommend selecting the option to "Auto-Confirm" appointments scheduled inside your confirmation windows. Read this article for more info.


This setting can only be changed by logging into the Web App at this time.


What is the Confirmation Window?

The confirmation window is the amount of time before an appointment that you want Gazelle to start asking clients to confirm their appointment. 

What is the Critical Confirmation Window?

The critical confirmation window is an optional setting that will more urgently ask clients with unconfirmed appointments approaching to confirm their appointment.

What is the optimal setting for my Critical Confirmation Window?

The Critical Confirmation window is best when set to be within 1 week of the appointment; also the confirmation window should ALWAYS be larger than the critical confirmation window. 

Can I auto-delete unconfirmed appointments?

Yes, if you "auto-delete" unconfirmed appointments you want to make sure that your confirmation and critical confirmation messages clearly state that unconfirmed appointments will be deleted X days before the appointment. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary confusion. This feature is turned off by default so you must check the "Cancel Unconfirmed Appointments" box to turn it on. 

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