Gazelle makes it easy to reschedule existing events any time the customer submits a new reservation. All they have to do is submit a new reservation for a different date/time and Gazelle will give you the option of replacing the existing event on your calendar as you approve the new reservation.

You can also embed 'Reschedule Online Now' buttons in your message templates by using Gazelle's {{rescheduling_link}} merge code in your message sent through Gazelle. This will direct the customer to their private booking link which saves you a few steps during the reservation approval process.


Step 1: Use the Gazelle {{rescheduling_link}} merge code in your messages instructing customers to simply pick a new date / time.

Step 2: When clients submit a reservation Gazelle will give you the option to replace their existing future event with this new online reservation.

NOTE: if customers don't use their Private Booking Link (and instead uses your public booking link) Gazelle will still show you this option to replace an existing event, but only after you have mapped the reservation to a specific customer & piano.

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