Gazelle makes it really easy to reschedule existing events with pending reservations if the customers books a new date/time using their private booking link:

Step 1: Use the {{Rescheduling_link}} merge code in your message templates.

Step 2: Instruct customers to reschedule using the "Rescheduling Button" embedded in any of the messages they receive from Gazelle. This button provides customers with a private booking link that will cause their reservation to automatically detect if there are future events scheduled with this customer.

Step 3: As you approve the reservation Gazelle will give you the option to replace their existing event with their new online reservation.

NOTE: When customers 'reschedule' Gazelle still gives you the option of approving/declining this new reservation. Additionally, this option to replace a future scheduled event will only show up after you have mapped the reservation to a specific customer & piano. Reservations from your public booking link (and reservations that have "Unrecognized" data) must first be paired with a client & piano before we can check for future events on your calendar that are associated with this specific client & piano.

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