My Gazelle Calendar Stopped Syncing.

Help! My 3rd party calendar stopped pulling new events that are added to my Gazelle calendar.

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Third party subscribed calendars pull events from Gazelle using an .ics link. Sometimes these links stop working because of something outside of Gazelle's control (most commonly when the 3rd party updates their software or something in their code). If your link has stopped working you can troubleshoot these problems and get your events syncing again by following these steps.

Check your sync schedule on the subscribed calendar:

Check the settings inside your your 3rd party subscribed calendar to make sure the issue isn't a slow sync schedule. Check your calendar settings to make sure you know how often Gazelle events are being added to your calendar.

Google Calendar Tip: Google Calendar does not allow users to set your sync schedule and their schedule for pulling events from 3rd party calendars is painfully S.L.O.W. only syncing events once or twice daily. However, they DO allow you the option of electing to be emailed every time a new event is added to each subscribed calendar. This will reveal their sync schedule for your account.

If the sync schedule is not the issue, you will need to disable / reenable calendar syncing in Gazelle and update your subscribed calendar link.

You can enable / disable / re-enable your shared calendar link in Gazelle to change the link that pushes your Gazelle events to an external calendar. Sometimes the 3rd party calendar simply stops checking new events tied to a specific .ics link. To fix this problem follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a new .ics link in Gazelle by referencing the screenshot below
Step 2: Delete / unsubscribe your old subscribed calendar
Step 3: Create a new calendar from URL subscribed calendar.
Step 4: Customize the name of your subscribed calendar so it is easy to identify in your 3rd party calendar system.

Google Calendar Tips: You cannot edit a subscribed calendar link after Google creates a link to an external .ics calendar. In Google calendar you have to delete and recreate a new calendar 'From URL' every time you change your .ics link. (see image below).

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