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Sending a final message to legacy contacts
Sending a final message to legacy contacts

How do I send one final message (email, sms, or both) to select legacy clients before I inactivate their client & piano records.

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You have three options for sending a final message to legacy clients with unserviced pianos.


  • Option 1. Use Gazelle's Mailchimp Integration.

  • Option 2. Configure a new Gazelle reminder to send one email and one sms message from your Gazelle account. (Some limitations apply, see below)


  • Option 3. Export a list of client emails and upload them to a 3rd party email marketing platform.

Option 1: Using the Gazelle-Mailchimp Integration

Step 1: Go to Settings > Integrations > Mailchimp

Step 2: Connect your Mailchimp account.
Step 3: Sync clients from Gazelle to Mailchimp.
Step 4: Send your final message from Mailchimp.

Option 2: Using A Final Gazelle Reminder

*** If you take this approach DO NOT SKIP STEP 4 or 7. ***

Step 1: Create a new reminder (suggested title: 'Final Message to Legacy Clients').

Step 2: Add an email message template using the 'Active Client' reminder state.

Step 3: (Optional) Also add an SMS message in the same 'Active Client' reminder state.

Step 4: Configure the schedule EXACTLY to send every 1 years, unlimited times, starting when the client enters this state plus -zero- days. (See note below regarding the importance of step 4 and 7)

Step 5: (Optional but recommended) Add the {{scheduling_link}} merge code to each message template so the client has an option to book embedded in the last message they receive.

Step 6: Save & assign clients when you are ready for these messages to go out.

Step 7: After the message(s) send, remove the clients from this reminder and inactivate them. In that order.

NOTE: Step 4 and 7 are very important. In order to ensure your messages go out to all active clients on this reminder, you need to configure the state to send 'unlimited times' to avoid an edge case that could prevent your message from going out to clients who have previously received an 'Active Client State Reminder' in the past. However, you do NOT want to leave clients parked on this reminder long term, which is why we recommend removing clients from this reminder after it has sent OR using MailChimp to send these one-time messages.

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