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How Do I Find My Gazelle Texting Phone Number?
How Do I Find My Gazelle Texting Phone Number?

Finding your company's dedicated Gazelle texting phone number.

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Finding the phone number from which all your text messages come from is easy!


Step 2: Scroll down to see your company's number (if you have texting enabled)

Step 3: Done!


This setting is only available from the web app at this time.

How am I assigned a phone number?

Gazelle automatically assigns your company a phone number based on the country, area code, and location of your business. We use Twillio (a 3rd party provider) to purchase a local phone number on your behalf. However, not all areas have local numbers available. If a local number is not available, we will request a toll-free number or work with you to use another number that is geographically closest to your business's address. 

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