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Understanding the text message reminders in Gazelle.

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FAQ about Gazelle's Text Message Reminders

Q. How does Gazelle know which phone number to text?
A. The first time a client is set to receive a text message Gazelle checks all their phone numbers (starting with their default number) and texts the first textable number. Then we record this on the client file as a 'textable' number for future reference. All you have to do is determine if the client wants to receive text messages, we handle all the rest.

 Q. Will I have a unique number for by business to send text messages from?
A. Yes, every business receives its own dedicated phone number. 

Q. Can I receive text messages from my assigned number?
A. Yes and No - Your assigned number will be a "Do not reply" phone number assigned to your business. However, you can create an automated response so that if any of your clients do text that number they can be directed to call/text you at a different number.

Q. Will Assigned Numbers be local numbers:
A. Maybe, US customers will get a toll free number (no local 10-DLP numbers are available). Everyone else will always get either a local or mobile number depending on the regulatory requirements of your country.

Q. Can I choose my assigned number?
A. No, the company we use assigns Gazelle a number for your business.

Q. Once I am assigned a number, do I "own" it?
A. No, for regulatory purposes Gazelle has to own the numbers we send messages from. If you disable texting on your account it will release the number and we cannot hold onto it. This process is entirely automated and outside of our direct control.   

Q. Can I spoof my assigned number and make it look like texts come from another number?
A. No, this practice is illegal in most countries. 

Q. What Constitutes a "Textable" number.
A. Any number that is not a landline is generally a textable number. Including, google voice numbers, many VOIP numbers, etc... that being said we do not control whether a number is "textable" we simply report back what we are told about the capabilities of any given number. 

Q. Will all the contacts on file be texted the same message?
A. No, only the default contact will receive the text message reminders.  

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