It is possible to merge two client records together.  This is useful for cases where a duplicate record was created accidentally.

At this time though, this is something that you'll need to contact Gazelle support to do, as it is a complex operation and needs to be monitored to ensure it happens successfully.

To get the process started, contact us and let us know the source client ID and the target client ID.   The source client is the client you are copying from and will be deleted at the end of the operation.  The target client is the one you want to merge into and will remain when the operation is complete.

To find the IDs, using the web app, find the client record and click "Edit".  Scroll down a ways and you'll see a section called "Gazelle ID" and it looks like "cli_XYZ123".  That is the client ID that we need for each of the source and the target.

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