There may be times when you want your Gazelle calendar to show up in your Google account.  You can do this easily with our calendar export functionality.

First, enable calendar export in Gazelle and get your calendar URL (it ends in .ics)

Next, go to Google Calendar.  Click on the little down arrow next to your name on the left side of the screen, 

Copy the export URL from your Gazelle calendar, and pasteit in the "Add by URL" field on Google Calendar.

We have found that sometimes Google is a bit slow to sync calendar events, but it seems to happen at least twice per day.  Just keep this in mind, that changes you make to your Gazelle calendar may not appear immediately on your Google calendar.  Unfortunately this is something out of our hands, as Google has decided to not check for updates very frequently.

To confirm that notifications for your Gazelle calendar events are turned on within Google, you can go to the article HERE 

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