Creating a 2-way automated sync is easy to set up and helps you manage all your events from a single Gazelle calendar. This can be helpful if you subcontract your services to other companies or have external calendars that impact your availability.

Gazelle to Gazelle Integration

Gazelle-to-Gazelle (1-way or 2-way) calendar integrations are needed If you have two different Gazelle accounts that affect your availability (for example: if you have one account for private customers and another for a company you subcontract with). *NOTE: to get a direct Gazelle-Gazelle integration use the .ICS option below. We are developing a direct integrated option to shorten sync schedules and make this even easier.

Google Calendar Integration

Gazelle provides (1-Way or 2-Way) Google calendar integration so you can sync a Google Calendar that you own.

ICS (and Apple / iCloud) Calendar Integration

Gazelle also provides (1-way or 2-Way) .ICS integration for apple calendars and other 3rd party calendar applications via .ICS integration.

To create a 2-way sync:

Step 1: Log into your Gazelle account

Step 2: Share your Gazelle calendar to a 3rd party Calendar using .ICS or Google Integration. This pushes events from your Gazelle calendar to a 3rd party calendar.

Step 3: Open your Gazelle Calendar Integration settings and pull events down from a 3rd party calendar (.ICS or Google). This pulls events from a 3rd party calendar onto your Gazelle calendar.

Step 4: Done.


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