How Do I End A Universal Pause?

Ending / removing a universal pause from your account.

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Ending a universal pause is easy!

Step 1: Read our FAQ below.
Step 2: Complete any actions you need to be ready to resume sending reminders.
Step 3: Email the Gazelle team when you are ready to end your pause.

Step 4: Done!

Step 1: FAQ

How do I end a universal pause?

To end a universal pause email, tell our team you read this article, and that you have taken the necessary steps outlined below.

Will my clients get blasted with all their 'missed reminder messages' when I turn everything back on?

The short answer is 'No'. But some people will have missed important messages. This isn't a big deal unless a client has progressed through multiple Reminder states during the pause.

What happens to clients who have missed some important reminder messages?

As soon as you unpause your Reminders Gazelle will start sending your automated messages based on the current Reminder state they are in.

Because reminder messages build on each other, if they have changed Reminder states during your pause they will likely have skipped important messages but you can adjust for this by following the steps below.


You have two options for adjusting your reminder messages as you come to the end of your universal pause. One of these solutions will apply to you more than the other.

Solution #1: Keep everyone on their existing Reminder and edit the individual message templates to be more relevant to your present situation. Here is an example text you can add to the top of all your message templates:

"Due to _______ situation I had to pause all of our piano service reminders. I am now resuming normal operations...."

Solution #2: Transfer everyone to a temporary Reminder to create a clean break and eventually restart all your reminders messages.

  1. Create a temporary Reminder that sends 1 email & 1 text message to everyone saying "I am back, if you have been meaning to book an appointment you can do so now, otherwise I will be in touch the next time your piano is due for service". 

  2. Temporarily assign / bulk transfer all customers to this Reminder for 2 weeks.

  3. After 2 weeks transfer everyone back to your original Reminder to resume their normal reminder messages. 


When you are ready for reminders messages to start going out again email our team at Please let us know you have taken the necessary steps and that you are ready to end your universal pause.

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