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Understanding The Delivery Status Of Emails?
Understanding The Delivery Status Of Emails?

Viewing the delivery status of each email sent through Gazelle.

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Every email sent from Gazelle will show a delivery status to help you know how clients are interacting with the emails you send. To see a report of all your failed emails download your email suppression report.

Here is a list of each of the delivery status and what it means.

Pending Emails:

Pending status indicates the lag between Gazelle sending an email and the email provider reporting back to Gazelle to notify our server that it was received.

Bounced Emails:

Bounced status means that email address does not exist. Emails that are bounced or "undelivered" typically have typos in the address and cannot be delivered. Every future attempt to that email from our server will be labeled as "Dropped" or "Failed"

Dropped / Failed Emails:

Dropped status means we attempted multiple times to deliver the email and eventually our server gave up. Failed means either their server didn't accept the email or it wasn't delivered for another reason.

NOTE: Dropped / failed emails can happen for a number of reasons. A receiver's inbox could be full, an ISP error on the receiver's email, very strict spam/inbox filters, a past error on our server delivering to that email address, and a myriad of other things. 

Delivered Emails:

Delivered status means the email was successfully sent to the recipient's email provider. If you notice your client's emails are being delivered, but never opened, it could mean that your emails are getting placed to a folder where they may not be viewed (spam, promotions, etc).

Opened Emails:

Opened status means the email was delivered and opened by the receiver. Woot!

Clicked Emails:

Clicked status means the email was opened and the receiver followed through with your call-to-action (CTA). This action could be clicking the confirm or schedule button, clicking to contact you, or clicking to visit your website. That's always good news. You can do a happy dance about this.


Complained status means that the receiver marked the email as spam.  Our mail provider will then drop future emails to this address.  Sometimes this was an accident and in this case you can let our team know at and we can flag messages to be delivered again.


All your Gazelle emails include an option to "Unsubscribe" in the footer of the email. This is required by regulatory agencies to curtail spam. When a client "unsubscribes" from your emails Gazelle blacklists their email so as to not email them again. You can request an email address be resubscribed at any time by emailing our team:

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