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How do I import my client, piano info, and calendar to Gazelle?

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Most people think transferring their client data and service records to Gazelle will be difficult, and they couldn't be more wrong. You shouldn't have to fear the data import process because our team will do it for free. It is really easy:

Step 1: Send us your data from any program.
Step 2: We import it while you set up your account.


What if I have paper records? Click Here


What programs has the team at Gazelle successfully imported from?

  • Quickbooks

  • FileMaker

  • Apple Contacts and iCal

  • Google Contacts and Google Calendar

  • Excel

  • MS Access

  • Bento


  • PTBiz

  • PianoCal


  • Reyburn Piano Service Manager

  • Chaos Software

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • SQLite

  • Lotus Approach

  • SlickPie

  • Maximizer CRM

  • Housecall Pro

  • Act! CRM

  • Razorsync

  • Zoho CRM

  • And over 20 other programs!

How long does the data import process take?
Data imports usually take a few hours and can usually be completed in less than a day. Our team will take the time needed to understand unique things about your data and give you a reasonable time estimate for the import to be complete.

What if my records are on paper?
Don't worry, we have helped people transition from paper records too! The process is a little different but the outcome is the same. Click Here.

What if my data is messy or disorganized?
If you have disorganized data, just send us what you have in whatever condition it is in. Most people fear this is true of their data, but our team at Gazelle knows how to make your day. Read about our free data clean up process.

How good is your data formatting process?
We have developed a system that identifies patterns, shorthand, and formatting techniques used in your former program (or programs). Once we identify the pattern, the process goes quickly; and we can easily splice together data from multiple programs, remove duplicates, to improve your data in Gazelle. Read about our free data clean up process.

What if my service history and piano data is in a generic 'Notes' field?
Don't worry, all the data in your notes fields will be copied over. We can also extract critical data like piano makes, last tuning date, and other kinds of information hidden in a long string of text. Read about our free data clean up process.

Will I lose all my past service history and calendar events?
No. If it is digital we can make import it into Gazelle. We once imported over 30 years of piano service history data going back to a DOS system developed in the 1980s. This client started their Gazelle experience with over 30 years of past service history!



Exporting Your Clients and Pianos - We have an excellent process for importing and cleaning up all your client and piano records.  

Exporting Your Calendar - We can also import your existing calendar and match all the appointments up with clients in your database. We can work with any format but it is best if you can get it into the ICAL format.  

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