Churches, schools, and arts organizations often have a central billing office that manages multiple pianos dispersed across many locations. The LDS church is a prime example so we will cover this in detail. 

How is the LDS church organized?

With regard to piano service, the LDS church has a form of Governance that is unique with regard to how they purchase and schedule piano maintenance. As a piano technician, you will usually need to deal with a few different layers of people within the organization who each have specific roles. 

What Do I Need to Know?

What you need to know is that an LDS “Area” is the part of LDS Governing Structure that oversees a group of regional “Stakes”. “Stakes” are comprised of 5-12 local “Wards” or “Branches” which are the local congregations where most of the pianos reside. Here is an example of how the Waco, TX Stake is organized

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How LDS Stakes and Wards Manage Piano Inventory:

The Stake usually bears the financial responsibility for all the pianos within its Wards and Branches; so billing for piano service within a Stake will be managed by a single individual at the Stake Headquarters. However, gaining access to each building will be handled by the individuals at each location. Wards will usually have 2-3+ pianos at the same location. Branches are simply smaller Wards that will usually only have 1 (maybe 2) pianos on location. 


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