Churches, schools, and arts organizations often have a central billing office that manages multiple pianos dispersed across different campuses & locations.

The team at Gazelle recommends using separate customer records for each location. Here are our tips for how to manage the scheduling and billing logistics for these kinds of customers:

Central Billing Office

We recommend creating one customer record for the Company & Primary Billing Contact you interface with at the central office. If needed, you can also add secondary contacts on this record for anyone at this location who is going to interface with your company.

Offsite Locations With Pianos

For all offsite locations with pianos create a different customer record complete with:

  • All the pianos that are at this location,

  • The name of the specific school or church campus; and

  • The primary contact person you interface with at this location,

  • (Optional) Secondary contact people like the onsite facilities maintenance staff who you interface with to gain access to the building.

Billing, Estimates, & Inventory Management

For Billing & Invoices

Create a single invoice for each location and include the service(s) performed on the individual pianos at this location. Next, assign the invoice to the "Central Billing Office" customer using the "Alternate Billing" feature. This will keep the service history in the right pace (on the specific piano file); but will at the same time assign the invoice for payment to the correct person / department at the central billing office.

NOTE: If this organization requires a single invoice for all campus locations then you will need to manually create the invoice on the Central Billing Office's customer record and then also remember to manually updating the service history on each individual piano record.

For Estimates

Estimates in Gazelle have to be associated with the specific piano. After an estimate is sold, the work completed, and the invoice created you can follow the steps above for sending it to the right person for payment.

For Inventory Management

In institutional settings it is imperative that you keep individual service histories tied to the specific piano(s) and track them by serial number, room number, or piano ID. Wherever you store the piano file, we recommend carefully recording notes on a piano by piano basis.

Transferring Pianos Between Customers & Venues

If the venue you are servicing has a rental piano (or regularly transfers pianos from one location to another) then you need to transfer this piano back and forth from the separate customer files in Gazelle to keep a consistent and accurate service history. Read this article to transfer a piano from one customer to another.

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