Subcontracting Finish Experts

How do I subcontract finish experts and manage them in Gazelle?

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Subcontracting polyester & satin finish repair experts is easy with Gazelle.
โ€‹Step 1: Set up a Gazelle user for each subcontractor you regularly schedule.

Step 2: Connect your subcontractor's calendar with your Gazelle calendar for that user and create a 2-way sync.

Step 3: Make it easy for customers to schedule and grow new streams of revenue.

Step 4: Done


Where do I find people?

Contact the the various trade organizations and schools and see if they know anyone in the area hungry for work and experience. The schools will be eager to help their graduates; and the trade organizations will be eager to help their members who provide these specialty services.

How do I ensure quality in their work?

When subcontracting service providers you should put a spread on their fees and make a profit on their services because you are guaranteeing their work to your customers. So if your sub is charging $100 / hr, charge your customer something more like $150 / hr to help give you a profit margin and cover your added risk.

Can I disable their user at any time?

Yes, as soon as you stop offering these services to your customers (or if the work dries up) you can inactivate this user on your account.

Can this person see my calendar (or other user's calendars) when they log in?

No, subcontracted users can only see their calendar and limited data in your system. Click here for more info on user permissions and access restrictions.

Can I limit the services this user can provide?

Yes, edit the items on your Master Service List to limit the services different users can provide. Read this article.

Can I charge a different rate for their services (compared to my services)?

Yes, simply create a Master Service List item tied to this user (i.e. Regulation, Voicing, Finish Repair, etc... this will help customers schedule with the right person on your team. Read this article.

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