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How Do I Connect Subcontractor Calendars In Gazelle?
How Do I Connect Subcontractor Calendars In Gazelle?

Adding a subcontractor's calendar to my Gazelle account?

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Connecting a subcontractor's outside calendar to your Gazelle account is easy!
​Step 1: Add your subcontractor as a user on your existing Gazelle Subscription.

Step 2: Set up a 2-way sync to keep their calendar(s) up to date with the Gazelle calendar your company will be using to fill holes in their schedule.

Step 3: Choose the services your subcontractor can provide.

Step 4: Start scheduling events on their calendar.

Using Direct Gazelle-Gazelle Integration

NOTE: Click here to set up Gazelle-Gazelle Integration if both you and your subcontractor already have separate Gazelle accounts. Connecting calendars using this approach will eliminate any lag time as changes to either calendar will instantly appear on both calendars.

Using Outside Calendars

NOTE: Click here to set up a 2-way sync with an outside calendar if your subcontractor does not use Gazelle to manage their scheduling. Outside calendars will have a lag-time between events that are added to one calendar showing up on the other calendar. The lag time is determined by the settings of the outside calendar being used (Google, Apple, Outlook, etc...)


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